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Assignment Overview

  • A new Wikipedia article or substantial improvements to an existing article
  • Students can work individually or collaboratively
  • Window for article development opens September 27

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The Nitty-Gritty

In this assignment you will work either individually or in pairs to create a new Wikipedia article or upgrade a Wikipedia stub. Your article should at least reach start class (though B is a good reach goal). You should use the WikiProject Assessment guidelines to shape your process and you can refer to Wikipedia’s training page for students. You could use the page for the Boston Society of Vulcans as a model for what you should write to fulfill the assignment.

We will be working with Amanda Rust (Digital Humanities Librarian) and Brooke Williams (Research and Instruction Librarian) from Snell Library to learn what those categories mean, and how you can write an article that meets these expectations.

You will submit a link to your final article by the date specified in your grade contract. If you are improving an existing article, you should also include a link to the article’s state immediately before you began your work for comparison.


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